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9 Sunderland Piesne & amp; Football Chants

Mackem boys and girls singing out!

123 Andy Reid Song Tune of Good King Wenceslas
154 Stoke Is a Joke Sunderland rejects
358 Craig Gordon 500 Miles Craig gordon song 500 miles tune
375 Marco Gabbiadini Dedicated to a Sunderland Legend
457 Wor Me Lads Sung to the tune of The Blaydon Races...
525 The Sunderland Bootboys From the terraces of Roker, to the seats of the Sol! (Ed: New better recording added) Zoznam skladieb
546 Oo Ahh We're Going Up Ye Naa Told you so! Zoznam skladieb
557 Keegan Keegans departure.
580 Get Into 'Em - Sunderland F*ck em up! Zoznam skladieb
643 Who Let the Dogs Out Sung to the Geordie lasses
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661 Sunderland Aces Oh me lads Zoznam skladieb
702 We All Live in a Gary Rowell World 102 goals for us, say no more Zoznam skladieb
1056 Andy Reid Is a Sumo In the tune of Wayne Rooney song
1071 Middlesbrough............. to the Boro fans
1087 We're All Going to Wembley Song to sing in the cup mathces
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