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4 Leeds United Piesne & amp; Football Chants

Marching On Together! Definitely in the top tier of support in Europe. Always amazing away from home. If you're a neutral or foreigner wanting to watch an English game, then get a ticket for a Leeds away game, they turn up in big numbers and create a massive support. "We All Hate Leeds Scum" is our most popular song, sung by nearly every team on the UK site; be proud of that Leeds fans :)

13 You're Supposed to Be in Jail! Aimed at Lee Hughes the murderer.
26 We Hate Man U Scumchester United haters. Zoznam skladieb
27 The Norwich Family To "The Adams Family"
156 Rui For the sex machine. Zoznam skladieb
168 One for Baldy Sung to those without hair Zoznam skladieb
200 Hundred Quid Betting they don't come to Elland Road Zoznam skladieb
337 Georgie Best Big Disgrace Another oldie for scum
624 Get out of Our Club A chant about our owner who we generally don't like Zoznam skladieb
631 Scummer Sang to Alan Smith Zoznam skladieb
672 Young Spotty Virgin Sung to Huddersfield 07/08 season when they had a 17yr old in goal coz their other keeper was sent off at Southend
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766 Enoch Showumni United's 21 Who's the daddy? Zoznam skladieb
824 If Nugent Plays for England so Could I If Nugent Plays For England So Could I
842 Der Der Rup Leeds Simple, classic, Leeds United Zoznam skladieb
855 That's Why We're Going Up Sung when we play the class football we do. Zoznam skladieb
867 Build a Team, Not a Hotel Pft, get out of our club Zoznam skladieb
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