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17 Cardiff City Piesne & amp; Football Chants

The Welsh doing what they do best.

229 Ross Mccormack Love of My Life For Ross
245 Kevin McNaughton You Are the Love of My Life She'd be up for it anorl... Zoznam skladieb
320 Wax on Wax Off Sung at bald opposing fans at the games
449 England Is Full What a toilet. Zoznam skladieb
549 Dave Jones Song for our manager
943 I'll Be There with My Little Pick and Shovel Pick and shovel in hand, ready. Zoznam skladieb
1121 And We Were Singing A take on the Swansea classic Zoznam skladieb
1147 La, La, La Lalalaaaa.... City Top Cardiff City football chant. Zoznam skladieb
1641 Kevin McNaughton Top stopper. Zoznam skladieb
1647 Lee Trundle, Fat C*nt a must since he's rejoing the jacks
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1844 Paul Parry Another top Welsh midfielder. Zoznam skladieb
2066 We Signed Him Twice 'Cos We Love Him One For The Famous Number 8.
2232 Im Forever Blowing Bubbles Should be sung very soon
2254 Oh South Wales! Its true!!!!
2304 Rome to See the Pope 'Avin A Go
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