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10 Birmingham City Piesne & amp; Football Chants

Brummies singing the blues.

409 Keep Right On Pure classic Zoznam skladieb
430 The Villa Old Favourite. Zoznam skladieb
576 Singing the Blues It's never that bad. Zoznam skladieb
636 La, La, Lalala, Blue, Blues... Awesome ending Zoznam skladieb
1374 Come to Birmingham And you will see.. Zoznam skladieb
1544 We're Birmingham We're Birmingham City! Zoznam skladieb
1871 You'll Get Foot and Mouth This came about during the foot and mouth outbreak a few years ago...sung to away fans, it also has a dig at Villa fans because they're all from the country and not from Brum. Zoznam skladieb
2003 We've Never Won Whatever Zoznam skladieb
2187 Birmingham Simple ones are the best Zoznam skladieb
2194 Blues Go Down Together! Kick Villa Zoznam skladieb
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2417 Let's All Clap Why not eh... Zoznam skladieb
2787 We Are Brummies Yes we are Zoznam skladieb
2862 I Am a City Fan Tune: Sex Pistols, of course Zoznam skladieb
2928 La, La, La Lalalaaaa....We're Blues Quality. Zoznam skladieb
4085 Blues (Claps) Well what do you say, just had to go up here. Zoznam skladieb
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