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8 Birmingham City Piesne & amp; Football Chants

Brummies singing the blues.

102 Viva Seb Super seb our winger
181 I Wanna Go Home Leeds Version Leeds is a dump Zoznam skladieb
206 When the Beans Come out the Tin Everybody loves beans
237 S*it on the Gold and Black Shit on the yam yams
313 We are Birmingham Sung to the tune of Ooops Upside Your Head...
373 Swing Low well to be fair ub40 sing it
487 You Are My City My only.. Zoznam skladieb
753 Feed the Scousers Brum sing away or home against Liverpool Zoznam skladieb
921 Beat the Blues Yer having a laugh
935 We Pay Your Benefits Having a go at the poor scousers
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1011 You Are a Scouser Sung to you know who.
1185 Don't Cry for Me Aston Villa Classic Birmingham City humor.
1224 Craigy Gardner Is a Blue He hates villa Zoznam skladieb
1318 Oh the Holte End We hate Villa
1369 Que Sera Sera when we're goin to Wembley
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