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13 Aston Villa Piesne & amp; Football Chants

The Villains at full pelt - criminally funny! Champions of Europe in 1982.

99 Sylla He Loves the Villa Recorded via the free FanChants iPhone app in a pub at Palace Zoznam skladieb
221 Sit Down Pinocchio Having a go at Villa's ex-defender Gareth Southgate and his big nose Zoznam skladieb
468 Nigel Spink... Used to be sung in the 80's, now makes a much welcome appearance at away games
489 You're Not Singing Anymore It's all gone quiet over there Zoznam skladieb
621 My Garden Shed Funny fanchant refering to the home teams ground size. Zoznam skladieb
671 Cheerio Bye, bye, bye, bye Zoznam skladieb
853 Darren Bent Villa's 39 Darren Bent Chant
927 Oh When the Villa, Go Lap-Dancing A response to John Carew's antics before the Ajax game.
1094 Laughing Villa Fans To the tune of the laughing policeman to celebrate John Mitchells last minute winner in 1975 FA cup semi final one of the best and funniest moments in football history.
1187 Moustapha Salifou Moustapha Salifou (born June 1, 1983 in Lomé) is a Togolese football midfielder, who currently plays for Aston Villa. Zoznam skladieb
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1208 Aye Aye Ashley Ashley Young! Ex flying winger Zoznam skladieb
1320 Stand up If You Love Villa Self explanatory, makes a decent ringtone. Zoznam skladieb
1420 Richard Dunne NEW For Richard Dunne, sing it in North Lower
1495 What Do We Think of Blues Recorded at swansea away Zoznam skladieb
1573 The Sh*t Are Going Down Aston Villa singing the inevitable when we beat Birmingham City 5-1. Good Youtube
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